White Noise

for sleep and relaxation

  1. Mellow Light (Sample) 0:20

Mellow Light

An particularly smooth and ‘light’ variation of broadband random noise, emphasizing the higher frequencies. An audio engineer calls this ‘blue noise’.

(20 min mp3)
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  1. Gentle Hiss (Sample) 0:20

Genle Hiss

This relaxing noise covers the same wide frequency range, but in a more even way. Unlike classic ‘white noise’, this sound gives less weight to the low end.

(20 min mp3)
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  1. Classic White (Sample) 0:20

Classic White

This is typical white noise in a narrow sense, covering almost the entire audible frequency range with equal force.

(20 min mp3)
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  1. Mid Swoosh (Sample) 0:20

Mid Swoosh

Gentle noise, resembling a nearby waterfall. Unlike classic ‘white noise’ this sound is slightly center-weighted. Great for masking the most common nuisances.

(20 min mp3)
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  1. Soothing Pink (Sample) 0:20

Soothing Pink

This is beautiful mellow pink noise, covering the entire frequency range, while giving a little less weight to the highs.

(20 min mp3)
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The White Album

All five of the above white noise mp3s for download. 100 minutes of HQ super relaxing, extra smooth random noise. Now only 7$ (US)

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Sleep like a baby, relax like a yogi and focus like an eagle with White Noise

White noise is a random broadband hiss. A “shhhhhh”, just like an analog radio tuned somewhere in between two stations. You could say it’s the electronic, absolutely ‘neutral’ version of rain sound, ocean sound or river sound.

Play white noise from any smartphone, mp3 player, tablet, laptop or pc!

My sounds of white noise are skillfully designed to be the smoothest and most pleasant ones you’ll ever find. They are powerful tools for various applications: as a soothing sleeping aid, for blocking ambient noise, for helping you focus and for various kinds of sound therapy, such as tinnitus masking and tinnitus retraining.

Listen to white noise with tiny earphones, large headphones or speakers, even wirelessly via bluetooth!

All of these white noise sounds are ready for download as high quality mp3 files. Enjoy the freedom of listening from any device, anywhere, not depending on an internet connection, and not needing to fiddle about with a white noise sound generator.

Benefits and Uses

Sleeping Aid

Just like its natural cousins – rain sounds, ocean sounds and river sounds – white noise is a very effective sleep sound. Listening to white noise in bed (through earphones of a little speaker on the bedside table) works soothing and relaxing and thus helps you fall asleep faster.

Blocking Noise

White noise contains all audible frequencies. Therefore, it can be used to mask all other sounds. For example, If you work in an open plan office or if you are distracted by traffic noise, put on noise-cancelling earphones and play some white noise. It makes all the difference.

Increase Focus

When you are more relaxed while acoustic nuisances are being blocked, you’re better able to focus on whatever you do. The white noise itself won’t be a distraction, because our brain quickly gets used to such neutral ‘static’ signals. Thus, they are soon wiped out from our conscious perception.


A study at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, found that masking office noise with white noise has got a great positive impact: „Masked noise subjects performed better than those in the unmasked condition on both complexity and a simple attention task; they felt more aroused but less disturbed or stressed by the environment.“

Sound Therapy

White noise is also widely used for various kinds of sound therapy, for example in the treatment of tinnitus (“ringing in the ear”) and hyperacusis (oversensitivity to external sound). Due to its neutral nature, white noise is great for masking any kind of tinnitus. It’s also successfully used in the tinnitus retraining therapy.


I’m Jan, a skilled sound designer, health advisor, nature lover, musician and traveler, currently based in Berlin, Germany. I just love creating relaxing and therapeutic sounds of the highest quality. Learn more about me.

Good to know


What is White Noise?

White noise is a random broadband audio signal resembling a “sh” as in “ash”. In music and acoustics as well as in colloquial language the term “white noise” usually refers to any signal with a similar hissing sound. In slang, a chaotic commotion or meaningless chatter may be labeled “white noise”. In audio-engineering, random noise is distinguished between different timbres or “colors” (see below).


Made with Love

The sounds on this page were carefully crafted within my own professional sound studio, using a highly advanced white noise generator. The goal was to achieve a sound that is not only highly effective in terms of relaxation or masking, but also extremely smooth and “unintrusive”. Therefore, my white noise sounds are perfect for long term use.

Need a Machine?

Do you need “white noise machine” or “white noise generator”? There’s no need for it! The sounds included in the White Album are all you ever need when it comes to random noise. And playing them continuously is as easy as pressing ‘repeat’. The sound will then loop seamlessly. Plus, you’ll never depend on a specific app or device.

Colors of Noise

White Noise

White noise in a narrow sense as in audio-engineering spans the entire audible frequency range (20 to 20 000 Hz) with equal force. In other words, it has equal power at any given bandwidth, which results in a flat frequency spectrum.

Pink Noise

In pink noise, the power of the signal is inversely proportional to its frequency, dropping by 3 dB per octave. This means that in comparison to white noise, pink noise gives more weight to the low end of the spectrum and less weight to the higher frequencies. Pink-like noises are very common in nature and are a source of interest in many fields.

Blue Noise

Blue noise (also called azure noise) is, so to speak, the opposite of pink noise: Its power increases by 3 dB per octave. It’s not as well-known as its white and pink sisters. However, many people totally love it for its ‘light’ feel. Besides, it is ideally suitable for masking a great variety of acoustic nuisances (e.g. the most common types of tinnitus).