Rain Sounds

for sleep and relaxation

  1. Summer Rain (Sample) 0:30

Summer Rain

Warm rain, deep in the woods. You’re hearing nothing but the sound of rain drops falling on leaves and forest soil. (20 min mp3) MP3 Download

  1. Rain in the Jungle (Sample) 0:30

Rain in the Jungle

This beautiful rainy atmosphere from a silent nocturnal jungle is slightly more intense. (20 min mp3) MP3 Download

  1. Sea Breeze (Sample) 0:30

Sea Breeze

In this sound, a fresh breeze from the Mediterranean Sea blends with waves and very soft rain. A stunning natural white noise. (20 min mp3) MP3 Download

  1. Atacama Rain (Sample) 0:30

Atacama Rain

Bonus: Since the age of the Aztecs shamans in Chile’s super-dry Atacama desert have used the ‘rain maker’ in rituals to bring about rainfall. (20 min mp3) MP3 Download

The Rainy Album

All four of the above rain sound mp3s. 80 minutes of HQ real time recordings. Now only 7$ (US)

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Let rain sound wash away all of your tensions and worries.

Take a deep breath and enjoy this cleansing, relaxing auditive Zen. Outstanding HQ rainy atmospheres, made with love to put your mind and body at ease, professionally recorded and edited for maximum smoothness.

Listen to rain sounds with any smartphone, mp3 player, tablet, laptop or pc!

These rain sounds are perfect for many applications: as a soothing sleeping aid, for general relaxation, for blocking disturbing ambient noise, for meditation or relaxation exercises, for helping you focus and for various kinds of sound therapy.

Listen to rain sounds with small earphones, large headphones or speakers, even wirelessly via bluetooth!

All sounds of rain are immediately ready for download as high quality mp3 files. Enjoy the freedom of listening from any device, anywhere, not depending on an internet connection.

Benefits and Uses

Sleeping Aid

Rain sound is a highly effective sleeping aid. Putting on rain sound in bed relaxes your entire nervous system. It prevents your thoughts from going round in circles, it relaxes your muscles, And when you’re both tired and relaxed you may doze off and sleep well in no time.


The sound of rain is one of the most relaxing, soothing sounds in the world. Listening to it demonstrably reduces stress hormones and tensions in the body. Rain sounds are also great for supporting relaxation exercises like autogenous training.


Meditation is about inner silence, not about sitting in a sound-proof room. Absolute silence is about the most unnatural thing in the world. So if you – like many other people – have a hard time meditating in silence, add some rain sounds.

Mood Management

Listening to rain sound while we’re actually in a warm and dry place gives us a cozy feeling of safety and shelter. We feel more grounded and connected to Earth. And we may soak up the cleansing freshness and life-giving energy of the sound.

Blocking Noise

Rain sound spans the entire audible frequency range. Because it contains all frequencies it can be used to mask all other sounds. For example, If you work in an open plan office or if you are distracted by traffic noise, put on noise-cancelling earphones and play some rain sound. It makes all the difference.

Increase Focus

When you are more relaxed while acoustic nuisances are being blocked, you’re better able to focus on whatever you do. The rain sound itself won’t be a distraction, because our brain quickly gets used to such neutral ‘static’ signals. Thus, they are soon wiped out from our conscious perception.

Boost Creativity

We tend to be more creative when we feel more grounded, connected and ‘in tune’. Therefore, sounds of nature like rain sounds can help us with letting our creative juices flow.

Sound Therapy

Rain sound has got amazing therapeutic effects. Having the same acoustic properties as its man-made cousin, white noise, rain sound is successfully used in tinnitus and hyperacusis therapy, e.g. for tinnitus masking and retraining. It’s also a great tool for relieving migraine or anxiety.


I’m Jan, a skilled sound designer, health advisor, nature lover, musician and traveler, currently based in Berlin, Germany. I just love capturing the wonders of nature in super-smooth recordings of the highest quality. Learn more about me.

Good to know


What's Rain?

Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated – that is, become heavy enough to fall under gravity. Rain is responsible for depositing most of the fresh water on Earth, feeding life in many types of ecosystems.

The Real Thing

My sounds are the real thing. Neither are they artificially generated, only resembling nature. Nor do they consist of only a very short recording which is looped again and again (like most of the stuff out there). At SonicSoothing you get realtime recordings of pure pristine nature!

Super Smooth

I’m recording with pro equipment, including high-end stereo condenser microphones. Back in the studio, all sounds are edited with great care for maximum smoothness. For example, any sudden harsh peaks in volume are filtered out to ensure a pleasant listening experience.