About me

Nice to meet you,

my name is Jan. I’m a skilled sound designer, health advisor, nature lover, musician and traveler, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Recording nature is my art and passion. Whenever I set out for traveling abroad or hiking in domestic nature reserves, I take my pro equipment with me.

What a thrill to listen to a forest through super-sensitive stereo condenser microphones, hearing all the richness of life, like with the ears of a lynx! What an adventure to hunt for the most beautiful natural ambiences and capture them for me and you!

Indeed, my ambition is to provide you with most relaxing sounds of nature available anywhere. Soothing, super-smooth sounds of the highest possible quality. There’s lots of poor dictaphone recordings elsewhere, and lots of mediocre wannabe-pro sounds, too. If you really want the very best, you’ve come to the right place!

However, this whole thing is a lot more than just an ongoing audio-engineering endeavor. To me, nature is the most beautiful thing in existence, a constantly unfolding, ever changing, incredible miracle.

Nature, in my point of view, is so much more than a ‘decoration for civilization’. As humans, we are rooted in nature. We are part of it. Our estrangement from it is a constant source of tension and sickness. Whenever we re-connect with nature, we instantly relax. We may even heal. In fact, I believe that nature itself is the greatest healer.

Of course, everybody is encouraged to spend more time with and in nature. However, listening to sounds of nature, has a similar effect. I helps us relax, makes us feel more grounded, more connected, more present. I may even help us heal.

Enjoy my recordings that are all made with love.
It’s my pleasure to serve you.

Jan Staiger