Sonic Soothing

Professional Ambiences
for Relaxation



Premium Nature Sounds, Sleep Sounds and Meditation Sounds

Rain Sounds

Ocean Sounds

River Sounds

White Noise

Crackling Fire

Bird Song

High Definition

All sounds were produced with high-end equipment and great audio-engineering skills. There’s plenty of poor and mediocre sounds elsewhere. If you’re looking for the best, you’ve come to the right place.

The Real Thing

Our sounds are real-time recordings of pure pristine nature. No generator. No algorithms. No endless looping of what is actually only a very short sequence (like most of the stuff out there). With us, you hear nature, not something that resembles it. 


Extra Smooth

It’s not just about recording. All sounds from SonicSoothing are carefully edited to be extraordinarily smooth, ‘light’ and ‘unintrusive”. No heavy low-end rumbling. No harsh peaks in volume. Only pleasure.